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Burst Learning™ is a dynamic collaborative educational firm specializing in the production of digital, web-based, interactive educational courses. We build & consult for authors, leaders, business organizations and experts with specialized knowledge. Whether you need professional development opportunities, human resources training materials or a platform to share your educational message,  we’re ready to be in service to you.

The Burst Learning™ Team utilizes a narrative based approach when working with clients to extract and create course content and messaging. The approach has worked for companies like: SPARTAN, The Sports Mind Institute, EXEQUOR and Financial Executives International who have extended their educational initiatives worldwide.



More and more businesses, non-profits, authors/creators, sports leaders, and, even schools, are changing how they deliver training. Web-based e-Learning is the future of learning and training, and there’s no secret as to why.

Teaching or educating employees, fans, and followers via our custom online learning programs offers the following benefits:

Convenient – Online training is convenient and easy, both for you and the participants. It provides tools to track and evolve learner experiences, that is, develop newer versions of an online workshop or course, so that the lessons and knowledge are more likely to stick.

Immediate – The Internet is available at our fingertips at almost any given time. There is no longer a need to schedule meeting after meeting to provide training.

Cost Effective – Sending presenters to various locations or using your live face-to-face time in various locations can be a challenge, is expensive, and limits “reach.” Our custom online learning program will save you money, valuable time, and immediately enhance your content’s reach. More people will be influenced by your courses.

Easy & Fun – Most training sessions are anything but exciting. Using the information we gather from you during the initial interview, we will create an engaging online training program that allows for more interaction and fun.

Make training employees and other individuals easier than ever before by using a custom online training program from The Burst Learning™ Team in Charlestown, Rhode Island. Contact us to change how your company delivers training programs to improve your business overall. Our services are available for customers worldwide and currently, we serve clients in many cities including San Francisco, Seattle, Florida, NYC, Boston, Atlanta and Providence, Rhode Island.